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A burning church with open doors

I've seen the angels, I'll lead them to your door

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Birthdate:Aug 19
1.01 about. chiara. 21. italian. student. agnostic. vampire. editor. slasher. music lover. tv shows whore.
1.02 cult. lucky motherfucker. sister of heresy. echelon [apocalyptic & r-evolution divisions]. yfe sister.
1.03 tv. 24. californication. charmed. dead like me. dirty sexy money. friday night lights. friends. fringe. gossip girl. grey's anatomy. heroes. house md. kings. legend of the seeker. lost. merlin. private practice. queer as folk. supernatural. terminator the sarah connor chornicles. veronica mars.
1.04 movies. a home at the end of the world. a knight's tale. alexander. big fish. edward shissorhands. interview with the vampire. lord of the rings. pirates of the caribbean. requiem for a dream. shrek. star wars. starcrossed. the nightmare before christmas.
1.05 books. a song of ice and fire. lord of the rings. the mayfair witches. the vampire chronicles. alessandro baricco. michael cunnigham. grr martin. anne rice. jrr wolkien. oscar wilde.
1.06 music. 30 seconds to mars. ashes divide. bon jovi. empires. evanescence. foo fighters. kings of leon. lacuna coil. linkin park. muse. my chemical romance. my darling murder. nightwish. rammstein. within temptation. your favorite enemies.
1.07 celeb!crushes. adrian pasdar. callum blue. christian bale. david anders. drew fuller. ed westwick. gale harold. hugh laurie. ian somerhalder. jake gyllenhaal. jared padalecki. jason dohring. jensen ackles. jesse spencer. johnny depp. josh holloway. kate walsh. kristen bell. milo ventimiglia. olivia wilde. scott porter. sebastian stan. taylor kitsch. thomas dekker. zach gilford. zach quinto.
1.08 causes. amnesty international. gay rights. house for humanity. rock n rights. to write love on her arms.
1.09 scrapbooks. 2009.

2.01 fandoms 24. 30 seconds to mars. a song of ice and fire. friday night lights. fringe. gossip girl. grey's anatomy. heroes. house md. kings. legend of the seeker. lost. private practice. queer as folk. supernatural. veronica mars.
2.02 heroes addison montgomery. angela petrelli. blair waldorf. brian darling. brian kinney. callie torres. castiel. chuck bass. claude rains. daeneyr targaryen. dean winchester. edward scissorhands. elle bishop. emmett honeycut. eric taylor. george lass. gregory house. jack bauer. jack benjamin. jack skeleton. captain jack sparrow. jaime lannister. james 'sawyer' ford. jason street. john connor. john winchester. jon snow. lestat de lioncourt. logan echolls. mark sloane. marius de romanus. matt saracen. mona mayfair. noah bennett. peter petrelli. sylar. tami taylor. tim riggins. tyra colette. veronica mars. wallace fennell. walter bishop.
2.03 ships addison montgomery/mark sloane. addison montgomery/pete wilder. adrian pasdar/milo ventimiglia. alexander/hephaistion. blair waldorf/chuck bass. brian kinney/justin taylor. chuck bass/nate archibald. dean winchester/sam winchester. elle bishop/sylar. eric taylor/tami taylor. jack bauer/tony almeida. jack benjamin/david shepard. jaime lannister/loras tyrell. jared leto/shannon leto. jared padalecki/jensen ackles. jason street/tim riggins. julie taylor/matt saracen. leighton meester/sebastian stan. logan echolls/veronica mars. loras tyrell/renly baratheon. nathan petrelli/peter petrelli. shannon leto/tomo milicevic.
2.04 stamps angela petrelli. arianne martell. peter petrelli. house stark
2.05 my goodies fanfictions. fanfictions. graphics. picspams.
2.06 projects. 12 days of christmas 2008 @ adrianmilo. 12 days of christmas 2008 @ sylelle_chall. supernatural crossroad big bang 2009. supernatural j2 big bang 2009.
2.07 archive. fanfictions. meta posts. picspams.
2.08 mod/co-mod picspams.
2.09 i am [community profile] iam the peter petrelli (heroes) of dreamwidth.
2.10 otp nathan petrelli/peter petrelli (heroes) is my [community profile] otp.

3.01 websites italian echelon. kill hannah italy.
3.02 livejournal xkelorosiamano.
3.03 twitter celebel. italianechelon.
3.04 myspace celebel
3.05 celebel
3.06 delicious celebel. fanfics_archive.

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