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Where is the next episode? I need it NOW!

Jack, even if you almost certainly won't be King of Gilboa, you'll always be King of Awesomeness. I don't think I posted an entry on last episode, so I will say it now: Jack standing up to his father at the trial was the hottest thing on television this year which didn't involve Taylor Kitsch taking off his clothes. In this new episode he wasn't as hot (not that he wasn't hot, because he was, but not as much as last week), but still amazing. I love that he stood in front of his father and took a bullet for him, even though he'd just been humiliated by him. It showed just how human he is. ♥ Been plotting against his father for months, but when it comes to it his instinct is to save him. (Could we just get rid of that fiancee of yours, Jack, baby? I'll be your fake wife if you really need one.) Sebastian is great, you can see on his face anger, pain, doubt, the need to be strong and so much more. And he rocks any uniform and suit he puts on, which isn't bad at all. I definitely need to do that Sebastian picspam I've been planning for months.

Also, isn't it great to finally see gay characters whose main issue in life isn't being gay? Sure, it is an issue to Jack, but just because he's the future King. If he wasn't the Prince, he'd have come out way back. His most important storyline is the fact that he wants to be King while his father (and God) seem to think otherwise. And he's a strong character, too. YAY! Way to go, television. Now, if only you hadn't canceled this show after 13 episodes...!

David and Michelle are as annoying are ever. I know that David will be king, but I was kinda hoping the writers decided to change the biblical story last minute and just shoot him. I didn't even enjoy the fact that Jack saved him and then hugged him. David is so annoying that I can't really ship them anymore. As for Michelle, since there's only one episode left, I guess I have to give up hope of her showing some sign of a personality. She'll just keeps on crying and whining and being generally annoying (though not as much as David, but maybe just because she doesn't get as much screen time).

Silas used to be a good character. I've always wanted him to fail, and never really felt for him, but he was a good character. Now I don't know what to think. His change was so sudden, and then he changed his mind again. I guess it has to do with the fact that the series was canceled and they had to cut out a lot and just skip to the end. I am grateful that they did that, and they are doing a great job. The fact that they ruined Silas doesn't matter much, in the end.

I have never paid much attention to Rose, but she rocked this episode, especially the second part, after Silas was shot. As for her brother, William, (whose name I has to look up on Wikipedia -- not my fault most of his scenes are with Jack and I get distracted ;P), I despise him and that's it. Not surprising since they did everything they could to make us hate him. I always knew that Jack was being played, and once he was King he'd be just a puppet in his uncle's hands. All the same, when William ordered him to sit down, I wished someone would gun him down right there. Poor baby Jack. ♥ His son (who doesn't even deserve his name being looked up on Wikipedia and will just be known as The Guy Who Lost a Plane When He Was a Kid -- Plane!Guy for brevity) Plane!Guy thinks he's smart but in fact he's not. Yeah, he knows a few tricks. But he doesn't fully understand what's going on and what it really means and implies. I bet he'll do something extremely stupid in the next episode which will lead to his father's ruin. I may be wrong, but since this show isn't exactly known for being subtle and unexpected...

Was there anything else? Oh, yeah, Tomasina kicked ass big time! I have a feeling she and the Reverend will play a big role in David becoming King.

Oh, since it's a Kings/Sebastian post. Look what I found yesterday browsing though [ profile] sebandleight.

He's stolen Meester's heart offscreen too. Though the engagement rumors are false, he couldn't be happier: "I'm an extremely lucky person, absolutely! I think she's just amazing!" he gushes.

Credits: [ profile] augleo80 (and [ profile] bryana_someone, who reposted them at [ profile] sebandleight)
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