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I just posted this on LJ, and I'm gonna put it here as well, just for archiving purposes.

I know I have dozens of comments waiting for a reply. I will do that, I promise I will. But I've had this post in my mind for a while, and I need to get it out. In two parts: one about fandom and fanbase, the second about 30STM and EMI.

A few weeks ago I was trying to explain to a friend the difference between fandom and fanbase. The first example which came to my mind was 30STM. I told her I was no longer in the fandom, but still in the fanbase. The difference being that, while I still love the band, listen to the songs, am a member of the Echelon, update the Italian Echelon website and can't wait for the new album - while I still do all this, I don't read/write fanfictions anymore, don't make graphics, don't join discussions or any other fandom activity.

I've always been both in the fandom and the fanbase at the same time, it was never a problem. Yes, I can be about to cry when they play Buddha for Mary at a concert because that song means so much, and at the same time read fanfictions were Jared gets fucked by the whole band.

I started as a Colin/Jared shipper, but quite soon joined the ranks of the Letocesters. Just like I started as a Jared fan, and became an Echelon pretty soon - and still am, even though I don't physically like Jared anymore. I still think he was hot in Alexander, but right now... no thanks. Anyway. My point is that I evolved both in fandom and in the fanbase. Now I find myself reading fanfictions of other fandoms. In 2009 I haven't read even one 30STM fanfiction. The 30STM slash communities are still in my FL, but I ignore all the posts.

I still read all the news, though. *Here starts part two of my rant.* I got fucking excited when it looked like they were not only actually working on the third album, but doing it independently. A dream coming true. We had taken far too much shit from EMI in the past years. I don't remember when, but I had gotten to the point where I actually said the band sold their asses to the discographic label, and was just playing for money.

Seeing them in the studio again, happy, full of hopes, eager to communicate with their fans through any possible means... That made me VERY hopeful. I was skeptic in the beginning, but as the weeks passed it looked clearer and clearer that they didn't want to work with EMI anymore, that they wanted to make an album without anyone telling them what to do. I even started reading interviews again, which I had stopped doing a couple of years before, when I got tired of reading the same answers over and over again. ;P

I got so excited, in fact, that I renewed the layout of the Italian Echelon website. I started working on an English version of the site, too, because I'm proud of it and want it to be available worldwide.

Then came that email, the one announcing that the war was over, they they'd made up with EMI and everyone was happy. I didn't even got to the end of it. I pretty much wanted to slam Jared's face against a wall after three lines. Now, I get it that if they want the album to come out before 2040. I understand that they made a deal. It's okay. What makes me want to punch them, is that they make it sound like it's the greatest thing ever. Ehi, we know we've been talking about how bad EMI was and how good it is to be free from them, but we were just joking. Forget all that. They are amazing. We are so happy to be working with them again, it's the best thing which ever happened to us! We should throw a party. We also changed the name of the album from THIS IS WAR to WE SOLD OUR ASSES. Like it?

I will get over it, eventually. Already am. Last Friday I was even able to listen to a few ST songs. No, I am not happy. No, I don't like how they handled the whole thing. I don't like it at all. But I will forget about it. I still can't wait for the new album to come out, whatever its name will be (seriously, though, This is War was damn cool, I'm pissed they won't use it).
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